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Painted Applique; a new approach

Painted Applique; a new approach
Some designs are so lovely they deserve to be created in both appliqué 
and paint. Enhancing a quilt with surface embellishment is enticing and 
exciting, especially when the effect beautifully mimics another 
technique. Can't find the fabric you need? Create it with paint! This 
choice gives the quiltmaker unlimited flexibility in execution. Each of 
these 13 original design projects may be appliquéd, created with fabric 
paint, or may combine both fabric and paint techniques. Even up close, 
you won't be able to tell if a quilt is painted or qppliquéd without 
touching it. Any appliqué technique may be used to assemble individual 
elements before they are attached to the background; the glue 
stick/machine appliqué technique is explained. How to use different 
types of fabric paint is described, making this a multiple-technique and
 project book.

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